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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

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The windows of a home are an essential source of light and beauty. Therefore, there is a change that comes over a place once we clean its glass. It comes in the added natural light and sunshine.

Dirty windows may not block the sunshine, but when the sunshine through, they merely remind you how dirty your windows are. As for that view of the outside world, grime, grease, dirt, and dust can ruin that too.

Window Cleaning for your house is never a popular task. Besides that, a typical house with between 15 and 20 standard windows and maybe one or two classic picture windows may require the good part of a day to do inside and outside.

It might even consume a weekend when you have better things to do with your leisure time. Then, after it’s all done, all you see are the streaks. There has to be a better way.

We can do inside and outside window cleaning as long as they tilt in and we can do them from the inside. The good news is that it probably is not a job, which we will have to do every time we come around. In addition, it will depend on the dust, smoke, and dirt inside and outside.

Professional Window Cleaning Services

Our cleaning materials are carefully chosen after intensive in-house testing, and our service professionals are thoroughly trained to handle even the most delicate of installations.

UHS Cleaning Services specialize in providing professional window cleaning services to residential and commercial customers in Toronto and nearby areas. At UHS, our experienced and trained staff provide our clients with unmatched customer service and satisfaction.

You can rest assured that we will work diligently to ensure you are fully satisfied and that we will get the job done right the first time. We honor and respect the privacy of our customers who allow us to enter their homes.

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