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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

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Oil and tannin stains, mold, mildew and general grime that build upon the surfaces around your home not only look ugly but are also dangerous. The surface becomes slippery, besides that the bacteria build up and mold spores cause health issues.

UHS Cleaning Services can pressure wash the hard surfaces around your home, making them visually pleasing, help prevent nasty slips, falls, and help to keep your asthma at bay reducing allergy flare-ups.

UHS Cleaning Services is your pressure washing experts. We use a combination of low and high pressure to remove ingrained dirt, stains, and mold from a range of commercial and residential hard surfaces.

We specialize in cleaning any hard surface including Paving, Driveway, Metal Siding, Patios and Decks. Also, pressure washing can be used in many more areas inside your home. Still, it’s vital to note that professional help should be taken because they are aware of which area needs how much pressure.

Our Professional Cleaners are quality providers of pressure washing services and have been in the business for over 17 years. Also, with specialist equipment, expert staff and superior service, UHS Cleaning Services guarantee that you will be delivered with the top quality finish.

UHS Cleaning Services have experienced operators, specialized equipment, and unique products that allow us to deliver the best pressure washing finish possible. Besides that, our approach to washing is that we wash a surface, not blast it.
Our staff is expert to think, problem solves and take care in their work. That is why you will find that a UHS Cleaning Services finish is crisp, clean and has restored you hard surfaces back to looking like new.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing:
  • Remove build-up of grime to make your outdoor flooring shine
  • Remove mold and mildew stains for a healthier environment
  • Have your outdoor flooring slip and hazard free
  • Renew pool areas, pavilions, patios and decks
  • Remove unsightly oil and tannin stains from your driveway
  • Your driveway and paths will be the talk of the neighborhood

Anytime you need high-pressure washing in Toronto and nearby areas, UHS Cleaning Services will take care of it for you. For pressure washing and also many other cleaning services, we aim to be your trusted cleaning partner!
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